Don Gibbs has been specializing in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain in the Monterey Peninsula since 1995.

He is a reputable health care provider that develops a partnership with his patients.

There are three main goals Dr. Gibbs tries to achieve.

One, determine the cause of a person’s pain.
Two, provide cost-effective treatment.
Three, have the patient understand the cause(s) of the pain so the individual can participate in the healing process.

Inflammation: Neck and Back Pain

Muscles and joints rely on movement to receive nutrient-rich fluid that help keep the tissue healthy. A reduction of fluid circulation to muscle and joints can be a cause of tissue inflammation. Often times inflammation triggers pain. Dr. Don Gibbs specializes in assessing spinal joint movement and muscle flexibility to determine if the patient’s pain is due to restricted joint movement and/or muscle trigger points (knots in the muscle).

Tension Headaches and Arm/Leg Pain

Sometimes pain at the neck and back will send pain signals to other areas of the body. For example, restricted joint movement or muscle spasm at the neck can cause headaches that are often described as a squeezing sensation or dull ache. Pain at the spine, shoulder and hip areas can also cause adjacent arm and leg pain. For the past 20 years, Dr. Don Gibbs has been evaluating people that were experiencing headaches, and arm/leg pain to determine if their symptoms were due to restricted muscle/joint functioning.


Dr. Don Gibbs effectively uses his hands to locate a joint restriction and restore its mobility with a highly skilled joint manipulation technique. The goal is to restore mobility while reducing inflammation and pain. Myofascial treatment or muscle massage is used to restore muscle tissue flexibility that will help in reducing muscle inflammation and pain. The treatment goal is to guide the patient back to a pain-free active lifestyle. By staying physically active, a patient can maintain joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Ultimately, helping a patient in having a better quality of life.

Dr. Don Gibbs

Dr. Don Gibbs

(831) 373-4048

Office Hours

Monday: 11-3
Tu/Wed/Th/Fri: 10-1; 3-6

Office Location

700 Cass Street, Suite 118
Monterey, CA

Dr. Gibbs’ office is conveniently located near shopping and the post office. There is off-street parking available next to the 700 Cass Street buildings.

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